How many times looking at the kitchen at home we would like to give her a new face, fresher and new. In this case, painting the kitchen furniture, if it is made of wood and therefore allows us to work on do-it-yourself jobs , is a valid alternative to replacement. New colors, personalization and a lot of creativity , for a kitchen revisited according to your needs. 

Time and wear often make kitchen complements ruined and unpleasant to view, that’s why opt for a do-it-yourself renovation: comfortable, inexpensive and imaginative. Painting kitchen furniture becomes a creative work, where you can concentrate your artistic vein and give your kitchen its own touch. 

Let’s see together what steps do not forget to paint the kitchen furniture!

Paint the kitchen cabinets: tools

To start a job done really well it is necessary and essential to have all the tools to start painting the kitchen furniture in a homely way, but with a professional touch .

Here’s what you need and you can not have:

  1. basic paint
  2. colored paint (according to your tastes) 
  3. brush or roller 
  4. sand paper 

For advice on how to design a kitchen and completely renovate it, read the advice of our  experts .

A factor not to be overlooked when we want to paint kitchen furniture is definitely a careful cleaning of the wall units. It is therefore necessary to thoroughly clean, removing stains of grease and dirt, in order to adhere to the best the paint that will be applied.

Now you can remove all the wall units that can be removed, such as drawers and the like, and remove the various tools and objects to get a well-ordered work space .

To start painting the kitchen furniture it is important to use sandpaper and proceed to smooth and make the surface on which you want to apply the paint. Do not forget to clean the cabinets well from the dust produced, so as to always have a clean and well-uniform work surface.

The first step to continue is to apply a coat of base paint . This step is essential to avoid that the paint that is going to spread does not get damaged and has a good adhesion on the raw wood. The next step is to wait at least a day , to let the paint dry properly.