The renewal, by definition, consists in modifying the appearance of an object to highlight it and customize it to taste. It is therefore essential to have reflected on a starting idea of ​​the desired result: modern, colorful, retro, chic, etc. For the rest, know that there are many tricks to help you change the decoration of your kitchen without throwing everything down! Let’s see them together.

Renew the elements of your kitchen

If your kitchen cabinets are in good condition, it is useless to change them! If you have standard-sized items, keep the interior and change the exterior appearance . If you have doors with old- fashioned moldings you want to get rid of, simply cover them with thin sheets for an immediate modern effect!
For those who prefer the DIY method – Do It Yourself (do it yourself), there are several solutions:
  • painting;
  • the application of adhesives ;
  • the application of wallpaper ;
  • the replacement of handles and knobs;
  • rethink the layout of the furniture.

Repaint your kitchen: new colors, new atmosphere  

In fact, it is now possible to repaint almost all surfaces thanks to specific paints, while respecting a certain methodology:
  • always begins with a deep cleaning of the elements. Leave the product to act for a long time and rinse with water several times. This operation is essential for eliminating fats and facilitating the taking of paint ;
  • scrapes the elements , ie rubs in the direction of the veins (for the wooden doors) with sandpaper (n.120) in order to increase the adherence of the painting . For the elements of varnished wood or with a special coating, such as the ant or the laminate, you must absolutely use a specific sub-layer in order to optimize the grip of the paint;
  • pass a first layer of paint with a brush or roller , spreading it out well. Depending on the chosen paint, it respects drying times well before proceeding with the application of the second layer ;
  • apply a finishing paint to protect your painting and facilitate maintenance.
For those who want to do it quickly and well but without too much effort, there is an alternative: painting with direct application – without sanding – which therefore does not require preparatory work but which is more expensive and limited in the choice of colors . It can also be used both on kitchen elements and on the tiles of the sideboard or the worktop.