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The kitchen for your home is an important investment, not only for its economic value but also emotional, because it accompanies us for a good part of our lives.


The old-fashioned kitchen is no longer a taboo! The kitchen you found in your aunt’s house or that you rented is sadly retro, but you do not have the resources to change it? It is appropriate to consider the low cost RINNOVO CUCINA di Abitare Pesolino service.


The need to readjust the kitchen may become necessary after a move. We will redesign your new spaces and will find together the best solution to readjust the kitchen to the new environment,




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Every day we work to achieve maximum rigor and flexibility in everything we do.
From the moment you contact us to the one in which we will finish the realization of what we have planned together, we will work hard to follow your propensities, continuing to respect the fundamental rules of designing and making furniture. The final result must be perfect and tailor-made for your personality.

Everything went as it should go. Even better. The Salento has its new Febal Store in Acquarica del Capo, in Corso Matteotti 130. A concept store full of unique settings with attention to detail and a rich selection of design furnishings.

The stained glass windows are gorgeous! I know we owe you a huge thank you and Eddie (Contractor) for an amazing kitchen.

Loene Cristy

Marketing Head, Abitar Intl.

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The Smashed potato.

The Smashed Potato

Welcome To The Smashed potato

You love potatoes? we smash them, you want them? Check out our menu and get excited. Check out when we got your seats available to smash your potatoes.

Only the Best

Fresh Potatoes, Real butter & smashed with love.

We know the Gold coast loves smashed avo’s and we took it a step further and smashed your potatoes. We only smash the freshest, creamiest and best produce we can get our hands on. So please bring your girl 😉

Try our recipe

Who didn’t love smashed potato’s when mum made them? They are an all-time classic. We saw the demand and mixed mums recipe with the one from Snoop Dogg. So why wouldnt you wanna try this? Check out our menu below.


Supreme smash

Our classic, Supreme smash. This is what we are known for. Supreme smash; Bacon & Chicken. Definitely not for your vegan friend.

For the student

You wanna eat here, but don’t have the dough? Don’t worry we been there and got you covered. for a tenner you get a bowl of the smash.


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“A Great Find”

Great Ambiance, Amazing food. But keep your eyes on your wife.


“Fabulous food & flawless service”

This is the place to take selfies, the light in here is so perfect. <3 this place xoxo


“Another successful experience”

I got a free smash for posting this review, place sucks.



Speechless, this is rubbish. don’t see the hype about this place. its basically smashed potatoes.


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5 Cost Effective Renovations to Upgrade your Kitchen

5 Cost Effective Renovations to Upgrade your Kitchen

We are always thinking about changing the way our house looks but it is not always possible because of the expenses we have to bear. For example, there are a lot of ways to change the kitchen of your house without having to spend too much money. You can start off with making small changes in your kitchen and enjoying what a great deal of impact they have in the overall feel of the kitchen.

If you’re planning a great kitchen renovation, you need to make sure you are ready to do the following small kitchen renovations Perth to make sure you do not disturb the entire budget of the year on kitchen renovations:

1. Changing Taps

With the advent of technology, you will be able to notice how great changing taps feels like. New taps have less depth and can be cleaned easily. Apart from that, their analog turning knobs are exchanged with the up and down moving knobs which are much more reliable than the previous tap knobs. It will be easier to enjoy looking at the sleeker and more advanced looks of the taps instead of using the old ones.

2. Adding Lights

kitchen lights

Add LED lights to your kitchen which are a long term cost effective solution to all the lighting and electric expenses from the kitchen. Just by adding lights here and there, you will be able to notice a great change in the overall working space and nature of the kitchen.

3. Paint it White

Cabinets that are painted white and bright, they have a very appealing feel to the entire kitchen. Paint the cabinets white and see how easily it changes the overall feel of the kitchen. Painting a few cabinets costs very less but changes the overall look of the kitchen in less than a day. White is a very modern paint for the kitchen and therefore can be used to modernize the kitchen without spending too much money.

4. Hanging Hooks

You can add hanging hooks under your cabinets and hang daily used cups and mugs on them. This is one of the cheapest ways to make your kitchen look different, add detail and color to the entire room without spending too much money. Hanging daily use cups and mugs is not just colorful and detailing but also very convenient.

5. Add Colorful Plates

Ceramic plates have been a part of the decor for a long time now. They can be stuck on their back to the wall of the kitchen to add color, detail and depth to it. These colorful plates make you stick to the original design of the kitchen and use its own elements and colors. Furthermore, plates are extremely cheap and different designs can be mix and matched together.

Kitchen innovation: the best advice

The renewal, by definition, consists in modifying the appearance of an object to highlight it and customize it to taste. It is therefore essential to have reflected on a starting idea of ​​the desired result: modern, colorful, retro, chic, etc. For the rest, know that there are many tricks to help you change the decoration of your kitchen without throwing everything down! Let’s see them together.

Renew the elements of your kitchen

If your kitchen cabinets are in good condition, it is useless to change them! If you have standard-sized items, keep the interior and change the exterior appearance . If you have doors with old- fashioned moldings you want to get rid of, simply cover them with thin sheets for an immediate modern effect!
For those who prefer the DIY method – Do It Yourself (do it yourself), there are several solutions:
  • painting;
  • the application of adhesives ;
  • the application of wallpaper ;
  • the replacement of handles and knobs;
  • rethink the layout of the furniture.

Repaint your kitchen: new colors, new atmosphere  

In fact, it is now possible to repaint almost all surfaces thanks to specific paints, while respecting a certain methodology:
  • always begins with a deep cleaning of the elements. Leave the product to act for a long time and rinse with water several times. This operation is essential for eliminating fats and facilitating the taking of paint ;
  • scrapes the elements , ie rubs in the direction of the veins (for the wooden doors) with sandpaper (n.120) in order to increase the adherence of the painting . For the elements of varnished wood or with a special coating, such as the ant or the laminate, you must absolutely use a specific sub-layer in order to optimize the grip of the paint;
  • pass a first layer of paint with a brush or roller , spreading it out well. Depending on the chosen paint, it respects drying times well before proceeding with the application of the second layer ;
  • apply a finishing paint to protect your painting and facilitate maintenance.
For those who want to do it quickly and well but without too much effort, there is an alternative: painting with direct application – without sanding – which therefore does not require preparatory work but which is more expensive and limited in the choice of colors . It can also be used both on kitchen elements and on the tiles of the sideboard or the worktop.

How to Paint Kitchen Furniture

How many times looking at the kitchen at home we would like to give her a new face, fresher and new. In this case, painting the kitchen furniture, if it is made of wood and therefore allows us to work on do-it-yourself jobs , is a valid alternative to replacement. New colors, personalization and a lot of creativity , for a kitchen revisited according to your needs. 

Time and wear often make kitchen complements ruined and unpleasant to view, that’s why opt for a do-it-yourself renovation: comfortable, inexpensive and imaginative. Painting kitchen furniture becomes a creative work, where you can concentrate your artistic vein and give your kitchen its own touch. 

Let’s see together what steps do not forget to paint the kitchen furniture!

Paint the kitchen cabinets: tools

To start a job done really well it is necessary and essential to have all the tools to start painting the kitchen furniture in a homely way, but with a professional touch .

Here’s what you need and you can not have:

  1. basic paint
  2. colored paint (according to your tastes) 
  3. brush or roller 
  4. sand paper 

For advice on how to design a kitchen and completely renovate it, read the advice of our  experts .

A factor not to be overlooked when we want to paint kitchen furniture is definitely a careful cleaning of the wall units. It is therefore necessary to thoroughly clean, removing stains of grease and dirt, in order to adhere to the best the paint that will be applied.

Now you can remove all the wall units that can be removed, such as drawers and the like, and remove the various tools and objects to get a well-ordered work space .

To start painting the kitchen furniture it is important to use sandpaper and proceed to smooth and make the surface on which you want to apply the paint. Do not forget to clean the cabinets well from the dust produced, so as to always have a clean and well-uniform work surface.

The first step to continue is to apply a coat of base paint . This step is essential to avoid that the paint that is going to spread does not get damaged and has a good adhesion on the raw wood. The next step is to wait at least a day , to let the paint dry properly.

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